Reverb Convention Banner

Reverb Arkansas requested that I develop two convention banners for their booths & for their office. They asked that I use existing photography and develop a visual style based on…


A Sad Day

I am rather upset about recent events. I have designed a poster to express my feelings. If you agree, feel free to print this out, post it in your…

The Simple Box

Email Campaign Templates

My current position consists of many things, but one of the more common things i do is create email campaign graphics for different health clubs. More often than not,…



This is a quick and dirty for the tent. I just had the idea and wanted to have fun with it.

Groove Cereal Album Cover Web

Groove Cereal Album Release

My buddy Groove Cereal has released his first album. Its a wonderful bit downtempo electronic sampley goodness. I was excited to be able to do the cover art for…

Design Problem


I have been in a bit of a creative slump. Between, design projects that were poorly defined, and concepts that just completely failed to resonate with me, I have…


City Group Banner

I did this for my church. I wanted to do something interesting and different(than the church was used to). So I looked at a current design trend and adapted…

Birthday Card Front

New Birthday Card

This is a customized card we send on behalf of our clients. The name, address, and offer fields are auto populated from our database. Its a very interesting challenge making…


Executive Fitness

A client who uses a has a very nice modern facility needed a notification letter for his members. I thought a swiss grid approach would fit his needs nicely.


ABC Key Tag Sale

This is part of an e-mail and kiosk campaign for our customers. I am pretty pleased with the overall look of it. It has elicited a good response from…



Some jewelry photography I did today for work. I might could make a livin like this ;)… super fun.

Joshua Certain Portfolio Cover

Portfolio Book

This is the latest iteration of my portfolio. I cut the cover using our homemade CNC. I set the pages in Indesign and bound the whole thing using the…


TXT: Messages from God

This is another set of Promo images for a River Church teaching series. This is a vector image I created based on a Medieval icon of St. Matthew(the scribe).


Book Cover:Farenheit 451

When I concieved this idea had just taken a book binding course and I wanted explore the design of covers. I chose Fahrenheit 451 because of how relevant it is to todays events.…